We created Statvoo a few years ago because we found that Web Analytics was not where we wanted it to be, we tried numerous alternatives on some of our sites we were working on at the time and we decided that we needed to create something revolutionary that people would enjoy using to better understand their visitors and target audience online.

The latest addition to the moving forward of Realtime Website Analytics is what we like to call Free Unlimited Tracking or simply put “No limits”, as it best describes the stumbling block of most analytics platforms these days.

Most of the decent alternatives our there inadvertently make you worry about getting that huge amount of traffic you wish so dearly for your website by charging an arm and a leg to analyse the analytical data when visitors visitor your site by capping the amount of pageviews you receive Рmost even bump you up to the next pricing tier if you hit that limit mid way through the month.
This means that you have to fork out a lot more money all of a sudden and quite possibly was something you had not planned for, especially if you find your way to the front page of some news/online authority such as Reddit, Digg, HackerNews, ProductHunt or one of the many others out there.

We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about suddenly receiving a traffic spike or becoming popular overnight.

Therefore we have lifted the Event/Pageview tracking limits we once so strongly adhered to in the past for a much more customer focused Unlimited Tracking model that works for you right from the beginning.
All plans have been rethought and you can now use what works for you, pay for only the features that are important to you and not worry about sudden extra costs on top of the service when you receive your next invoice.

Please take a look at our plans page for more information or upgrade today to choose your favourite combination of features.

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