Today as I was driving to work along the London roads I looked in my rearview mirror to see a bus in the buslane stop a few metres behind me.

There was a car with it’s left wheels in the buslane. A few minutes before seeing this I had seen 2 police women standing at a bus-stop.

The bus could obviously not get past as it had stopped and the roads are so narrow, and before I could blink the 2 police women who must have gotten on that bus got out and knocked on the car’s door telling the car to get out of the way(eventhough there was no space for it to go)! About 10 seconds later the traffic moved another 3 metres and the car was able to move, the police women quickly jumped back into the bus and the bus carried on down the road.

I just burst out laughing as I thought it was so pathetic that there are real criminals all around yet the police ONCE AGAIN will spend time patrolling to make sure their journey doesn’t get interrupted.

Seriously, how pathetic are your police force?

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