It’s right when they say that the Royal Mail is quite bad. I had a package delivered to me this past weekend and a collection slip was left for me to get it from the depo 48hours later.

I arrive 45hours later and am told to either come back later or the following day, so seeing as though I do have a day job I return the next morning at the same time.

This time the only person at the depo helping anyone disappears with my collection slip for about 20minutes, during this time all the people that have entered the depo to get their items start getting agitated as they are just waiting without anyone around.

The guy eventually arrives back at the counter and explains to me that there was a big mess up from “up stairs” and that the parcel had been sent back to the sender and for me to call Customer Services where I would be helped further.

Phoning Customer Services is not really the best experience, especially when all you want to do is talk to a “real person” and actually correct the problem.

After speaking to a computer called Sarah for about 15minutes I am eventually transferred to a “real person” and after asking my question they immediately transfer me to someone else at some other place – apparently to someone in “Customer Services” – (thought I was at Customer Services already?) – the guy answers and asks me again, so I provide all my relevant details and he confirms what I’ve been told by the Depo guy, Sarah the annoying computer voice and everyone else so far today.

Apparently they do not know who the sender was as “the sender did not pay for that service” and I will just have to wait and see what happens as the sender will only receive the parcel in about 48hours time. Perhaps they will send it back?

Fuck you Royal Mail!

(I think I have been in the UK for too long now, I’m even starting to write rants.)

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