how to load xml into flash using actionscript 2

Create an xml object: [code lang=”actionscript”]var myXmlObject = new XML();[/code] Perform action when xml file has been loaded: [code lang=”actionscript”]myXmlObject.onLoad = function(success) { if (success) trace(“XML File has been read.”); }[/code] Load the xml file into the object: [code lang=”actionscript”]myXmlObject.load(“myXmlFile.xml”);[/code]

What is Eb in firebug?

Gmail produces the following error/warning in firebug. Eb is not defined function Bb(a){if(a[sb]&&a[sb](daa)){var…ents)};f.x2b=c;f.B2b=b;f.y2b=a;return f} I initially started seeing this while while on clients’ websites, but can now say it’s a gmail thing. So don’t stress.. 😉