We are very pleased to announce the ability to add the Chat Widget to your website(s).
By default it is disabled on any newly added sites but we have already enabled it on all existing sites and the widget will be displayed while you are logged into your account, this way you are able to talk to your website visitors while you are both online.
Up until now talking to website visitors was done soley from the website control panel but as of today any visitor to your website can initiate a chat directly with you.
We plan on massively expanding on this functionality and giving you the ability to fully customise the widget that is displayed on your site(s) to fit in with how you’d like things to look. For now we have defaulted to a set style and further inherit styles directly from your own site(s) so as to make things look right.
If you have any feature requests or questions, please let us know as usual by having a chat with support, leaving feedback or using our own Live Chat widget on our site!

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