I used to use Mozilla Thunderbird to handle my pop emails accounts and then I started experiencing performance problems when doing almost anything. My email inbox contains a good few thousand items at any given time.

I decided to change to Microsoft Outlook 2007 as I had used a previous version in the past and it seemed to lag a hell of a lot less.

After installing it I had the next problem of transferring all my emails from Thunderbird to Outlook – which took hours and hours and wasted perfectly good production time because the brilliant Microsoft didn’t cater for people moving to their software from the very well globally known Thunderbird.

Once all this was done I was able to start using my new email client “Outlook 2007”! I was very happy for the first few minutes until it started performing Data File Checks every however often and not allowing me to use the program during these annoying “waste your time” periods.

Now almost everytime I start it up in the mornings it takes quite a while and always makes me wait telling me it will take “several minutes” (Microsoft’s way of saying it could take or do anything for however long it felt like it).

I think I finally give up and have accepted that desktop mail clients are NOT the way to go and find the web-based solutions way more superior.

If only Google’s Gmail had a feature to not stack emails I would be 100% happy with their solution, but unfortunately it is the one flaw that most people spot and have a problem with and that has been reported as a “please fix this” feature on all gmail request listings for a few years now.

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email archiving · October 23, 2010 at 05:13

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