The Javascript API comes in very handy when you need to track custom events or actions in your application/website such as:

  • Ajax calls
  • Javascript method/function calls
  • What a user clicks on
  • Custom user events over and above the ones mentioned here

There are two ways of interacting with the Javascript API, through event and/or identify.

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Events are a way of sending us key value pair data.

If you would like to track a specific action/event, you can use the below call. (‘key’ and ‘value’ are any text you would like them to be)

statvoo.event('key', 'value');

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Identify a user to be able to track them personally.

If you would like to identify a user for further activity, such as when a user signs into your site or uses a chat feature or customer support area.

statvoo.identify({name:'Name', email:'Email', company:'Company'});

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