I was listening to some Lamb of God this morning on the way to work and I came to the realisation during the track “Dimera” from the album “Burn The Priest“, that I really can’t stand the vocalist(Randy Blythe). By comparison to all the members of the band, he is definitely at the bottom of the “skills list”.

I mean, those guys are really talented, they pull of some pretty amazing things with their instruments, but the vocals just BLOW.

After a bit of thought on the matter, I realised that this was the case for quite a few bands out there, take Dream Theater for example. Once again, brilliant instrumental musicians, but once that guy starts singing, you just want to give up listening to music altogether.

Here’s some more annoying vocalists to piss you off! – in no particular order..

  • Randy Blythe – Lamb of God
  • James Labrie – Dream Theater
  • Every single one of those screamo bands. YOU SUCK!
  • ..more to come as they piss me off!
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